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Military Veterans

Operation Victory Program - Landair

More than ever, military veterans are looking for careers in the trucking industry. In response to veteran’s needs we have created a program designed specifically to meet those needs and challenges, Operation Victory. Throughout our 35+ year history of hiring and training professional drivers, we have valued the additional skills, discipline and experience military veterans bring to this industry.

Advanced Individual Training (A.I.T.)

Your AIT program is an OJT program that is approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs and is registered with the Department of Labor. This allows veterans that are Post 9/11 GI Bill to receive BAH E-5 with dependent Chattanooga, TN rate.

See the job training page for Covenant & Landair at this VA link: https://www.va.gov/education/gi-bill-comparison-tool/institution/20063942 for details.

VET 1 – Initial Training – 145 hours / Professional Trainers Truck

You will drive 145 hours with a professional Landair trainer learning all you need to be that accomplished and safe professional driver.

Military Experience We Will Credit

At Landair, we credit military experience no matter your MOS or AFSC, for those with honorable or general discharge in the past 7 years. Veterans with Primary Specialty 35XX, 1391, 88M, 92F or 2T1X1 we credit 100% credit for service (one year of military experience = one year for Landair pay).

Veterans who served in another MOS or AFSC we credit your service time at 50% (two years of military experience = one year for Landair pay)

This credit starts once the veteran has completed their Vet 1 Initial Training and upon upgrade.

** Any veteran who has an honorable or general discharge and has been discharged in the last 7 years will start out at our top pay. Top Pay is based on eligibility for maximum available pay on available and assigned account following VET 1 Training. Any minimum pay per week is also based on available and assigned account following VET 1 Training and the addition of if the driver is out all week and available for dispatch.

Operation Victory Program

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